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We are dating now ep 10

Darla, meanwhile, is trying on wedding dresses, and it makes me a little sad that the only person there with her is Charley — yet another signal to us viewers about her strained relationship with her own mother and family.But during this moment, Charley shares some details about trying on her own wedding dress, and how mother was commenting that it made her look pregnant — because she was, with Micah.And then Micah arrives with his girlfriend Keke, and it's first time Nova is seeing him after what she learned last episode.But she doesn't say anything to her nephew, and I'm kind of relieved, especially since Keke is adorably fangirling out over Nova. And this second episode was just as juicy — if not juicier! We start off with Aunt Violet, who gets an unexpected visit from the owner of a local grocery store who's interested in stocking 350 of her pies each week.The offer, by the way, comes with an advance total payment of ,000.

Nova is hesitant, but Robert manages to convince her.

She also tells Charley to not worry so much about her father leaving the farm to Ralph Angel because the mill is own thing, and she even offers Charley some help.

So she heads over to Charley's mill office to look over some paperwork — when Violet walks in and is very clearly unhappy to see her there. Charley's mom responds that yes, they did have an agreement that she would stay away from St.

He not-so-subtly suggests they take a shower together, and Keke straight up tells him that she's a virgin and is not interested in having sex until they're more serious. But Micah handles it like a gentleman, thankfully, and offers to take her home, since he never technically asked if she wanted to come over and be alone with him.

But she's cool with hanging out with him, and up in Micah's room he ends up trying to help her braid her hair. But I also just love how their little teenage love affair is blossoming right before our eyes.

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Not-so-coincidentally, she's missed the business and logistical portion of the meeting and is now stuck at the part where they choose the Sugar Princess for the Crystal Court during the Harvest Festival.

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