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Updating us passport picture

During this long wait bringing your tablet, i Phone or anything to entertain you would be helpful, or better yet you can gain a friend by chatting with your fellow applicants. The Magical Hour – I call 9 AM as the Magical Hour, because at nine AM the DFA Baguio guard will start to give out your actual queue numbers, as i’ve said the list and your number in the list is just an initiative from the applicants, on the day when I processed my passport I was happy to know that the number in the list was strictly followed as it was the same number i got from the DFA Baguio guards, Kudos to the lady who constantly checked the list and the line!***Tip: Once you Get your DFA Baguio queue number check your processing time, it is indicated on your queue number, mine was from -PM so i went home and came back at the designated time. Line-Up Outside DFA SM Baguio – at 10AM SM Baguio will open its doors, knowing that my schedule of processing is at 1PM i just went inside to look for the DFA Baguio Office, it is found one level down the food court area, just take the escalator going down and go to your right, the office is fronting the LBC Office and adjacent to Sweetmates you cant miss it as you go down.Chatting with the other applicants i learned that the person who is at number 1 in the queue was there at twelve midnight! Look for the Crowd – if you are there at around four or five in the morning chances are the crowd applying for the passport would have gathered so look for the crowd.In my experience the guard at SM directed me to go down at the Banco De Oro Session Road area where the crowd had gathered, SM security does not allow people on the SM grounds prior to six in the morning. Look for The List – now, during the time when i went to process the passport i learned that the day before there was a huge confusion on the queue so some applicants volunteered to make a system where a paper where those arriving at the Banco De Oro area will list their names.Now the documentary requirements are divided in two categories, Valid Identification and Supporting Documents. School Form 137 or Transcript of Records With Readable Dry Seal e. Other Documents Issued at least 2 years ago that shows picture and Signature of applicant f.1 SSS-E1 Form f.2 Income Tax Return f.3 Voter’s Certification, List of Voter’s and Voter’s Registration Record (with attached receipt) f.4 NBI Clearance f.5 Police Clearance f.6 Community Tax Certificate f.7 Barangay Clearance ***As for myself i brought with me my SSS Digitized ID, my Income Tax Return of 2011 and my Transcript of Records.

Your name will be called and you will just have to sign on the receiving copy and viola! Disclaimer: Let me reiterate that the processes stated here are based on my experience and the knowledge i learned during said process and it does not cover any other situation or scenario that may result to different passport processing stages, I however would welcome additional information which you can share through the comment section found below. Having been born and raised in the City of Pines, he find value in helping others.

When I found that out i immediately asked the NSO Customer Service and they gave me the steps to follow for me to change Baby boy to my actual name, the thing is changing your name from Baby Boy to your actual name will require two months processing, the good thing about this is you just need to process this change via your local civil registrar and wait for two months.

Now, if you are planning on applying for a passport i suggest you get your NSO Birth Certificate as early as possible, do not wait for the last minute before your planned travel believe me you might be surprised on what you might be written on your NSO Birth Certificate. Prepare Passport Documentary Requirements – Now, if you already have your correct NSO Birth Certificate it is time for you to prepare the documents which the DFA Baguio Staff would be looking for when you apply for your Passport.

Just in Case your documents are in order you will be given another queue number which you will use for processing your passport. Processing Area – at this point you already have a queue number and when you reach this area congratulations you are almost there.

Just sit and wait for your number to be called, the processing area is where the DFA Baguio Officer would scrutinize your documents, and having passed the verification area is not a guarantee that your documents are perfectly in order.

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Now this is not the initiative of the DFA Baguio staff but only by the applicants themselves so if in case you do not see a list i suggest that you gather the applicants and agree on a queue system to monitor those who are actually there and who are just trying to cut the line.

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