Updating oracle table from a join Sex dating without upgrades

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Updating oracle table from a join

From what I can see, you are likely to be updating all the person records in your database and update indexes (I can't see what other indexes this has so I don't know whether that could be a factor) If this is a one-off task, could you disable the indexes, run the update and rebuild the indexes?

Experts, I wanted to join two tables and update a single column as -1 This statement is giving errors.

More to the point, this memory grant is fixed before execution starts based on row count and size estimates.This promotes sequential access to the table, which is often much more efficient than random access.The hash join is a less obvious choice, because it's inputs are similar sizes (to a first approximation, anyway).For the household table I have a primary key defined using two columns in it - Please provide complete table and index definitions, including any partitioning information.Alternatively, use the free SQL Sentry Plan Explorer to upload the execution plan to - actually this question is ideal for that.

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