Uk adult channel

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Uk adult channel

Adult Swim returned to UK and Irish television starting with a new block on the Fox channel on 4 September 2015.During mid-2017, the programming block was broadcast as "Adult Swim on Fox" from pm to am Thursdays.

There are 79 radio channels, 50 timeshift channels, 80 high-definition channels and 1 3D channel.

From 4 January 2012, Adult Swim began a one-hour weekly broadcast on Turner's TCM 2 channel, marking the first time that Adult Swim has aired on one of Turner's own channels in the UK and Ireland.

The programming block ended in August 2013, following the closure of TCM 2.

The Home Video Channel continued to operate during the evening with exclusive movie service featuring action, adventure and horror during the pre-midnight.

The two services were offered to cable operators as a seamless to programming service at a package price.

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During its early years in operation HVC purchased many movies as cheaply as possible, before making copies via low-band U-Matic tapes and distributed its films to other cable operators, along with a paper schedule to play out within their own local cable are on a semi-automated system.

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