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Trout online dating

While this is weak, there's a diverse range of animals that can detect these magnetic fields and use them to navigate.

This sense, first detected by birds in the 1960s, is called magnetoreception, and it has since been observed in animals such as bees, salamander and sea turtles.

Treated fish also showed changes in genes involved with the development of the optic nerve.

'The results suggest that the detection system is based on iron that may be connected with or inside the eyes,' said Dr Sönke Johnsen, a biology professor at Duke University and the co-lead author of the study.

My friend here in the Denver area is a single mom who's really getting into fly fishing and had the idea to launch a site that's dedicated to getting folks who are interested in fishing and single a place where they can potentially go and meet, and do fishy things. It's called Cast2and at this point is really just a placeholder.

There's also more info at the Cast2me Facebook page.

The researchers said that the iron-binding ferritin protein may be involved in repair when the fish's internal compass is disrupted or damaged.

Magnetite has been found in the beaks of beaks of birds, the brains of sea turtles, the stomachs of honeybees and the nasal passages of rainbow trout.

Earth's magnetic field is generated by the flow of liquid iron inside its core, which generates electric currents which in turn create magnetic fields.

The site has a place to sign up and stay informed on what they have to offer, and a bit of info about a singles only retreat at a lodge in Utah later in the summer.

I'm hesitant to call it a dating site, because at this point, it's not.

When I asked my friend about it she basically replied with well, "we're not really sure what it's going to turn into." According to her Cast2me will be organizing group activities such as river clean-ups (clean and cast) and 'get away' fishing retreats all over the united states with hopes of expanding worldwide.

Honestly, I'm curious if something like this would work.

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It seems logical to me that this turns into a dating site of sorts for folks that have many things in common.

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