Tips for dating a russian man

Posted by / 02-Jan-2018 19:31

Many of them use compliments or drink buying to get conversations in the club started, with obviously no guarantee of success.

But fun dating, chatting and ‘playing around’ with people from your own culture or country is something different then being determined to find specific a Russian woman with the one and only purpose: to marry her.

On the other hand, I’m not denying their alpha traits: —They don’t put pussy on the pedestal like Western men.

They clearly have a model of abundance when it comes to women.

Believe me, I have unfortunately a lot of experience with men who started at the wrong places.

Be smart and take a huge head-start by avoiding these places.

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This means traveling to Russia (to meet her), possible language barrier, learning about the Russian (women) culture, be prepared for unexpected situations, like money expenses, possible scam situations (if you are looking in the wrong places) and many more.

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