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I shuffled out into the bathroom and finish the work that Anna had started. " He continued to stare me down, not making any movement at all. With a quick motion, he grabbed his gun and flicked it up towards me.

" I try not to take my eyes off of him and call her quietly.

Bruce and Daken are onto us," a woman's voice said into the phone. This is Frank..." I said and blushed, biting my finger.

If you ever try to hurt her, you will hear it from me Mister Iero," the woman's voice threatened.

(written by @Youngbloods5century) Frank: I watched over Anna while she slept, which kind of sounds creepy now that I think of it.

We need to keep each other safe, and the best way is to hide.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Did Pete, Patrick, Brendon, Ronnie & Frank get more than they bargained for when their ethereal beauties start acting a bit stranger than usual?

[{Kara Zor-El (Kent) (Supergirl), Zahara Kinney (X 23), Susan ' Sue' Storm Richards (The Invisible Woman)...

"Okay," I back away from it, "Turn your back to the door and watch out." I ran full speed at it and kicked it down. We came face to face with none other than Captain Cold. He was already weak from having his arms sliced up and being frozen to the door. The Captain knew I was here and came specifically for me, I learned after entering his cold-hearted mind. I nodded, taking advantage of him, "Yeah, you know who I am. There's something else I can do with my abilities, and it's something I haven't done in a long time. The date was a particularly important one in Hollywood, as many other stars like Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman, Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt and Cat Deely and Patrick Kielty got married as well.Stump and Elisa Yoo started dating in Jan Patrick Stump later made an appearance with Pete Wentz on Ellen De Generes' The Ellen Show.Essentially, they needed more time to perfect what Patrick Stump described as a “rushed” album.Fall Out Boy's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Patrick Stump is not only a married man but is also a dad.

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