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Microsoft backdating

When not creating, Lauren is out exploring Colorado mountain towns with her trusty rescue mutt, Quinn, in tow.Microsoft has announced today that the company will be removing certificate authorities from Wo Sign and Start Com from Windows 10.If a company ignores Microsoft’s request for a self-audit or refuses to comply, the issue may be turned over to the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the company may be subjected to a formal audit.If the BSA takes action and a company is found to be non-compliant, the fine is typically two to four times the cost of the software for each instance.Or in other words, these providers screwed up so badly and repeatedly that the company was forced to revoke their access after they failed, on multiple occasions, to fix their processes.The Trusted Root program, starting with Vista, is updated on Windows automatically.

Some distributors are known to put the licenses in the IT companies name rather than the end user- making life difficult during an audit.“[Microsoft has] Observed unacceptable security practices including back-dating SHA-1 certificates, mis-issuances of certificates, accidental certificate revocation, duplicate certificate serial numbers and multiple CAB Forum Baseline Requirements (BR) violations,” which the company shared with the public in a post on located back on Wednesday.The decision will entail that Windows 10 will now not trust any new or further certificates given by the Chinese Certificate Authorities (CAs).To little surprise, Microsoft does not approve of any of these violations and as such, is removing their ability to issue new certificates and invalidating their old files.Starting on September 26th, Microsoft will begin the process of removing support for these certificates.

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