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Trump had been chairman of the board until five days earlier, and his daughter Ivanka had also been on the board.

Three former employees of the show told Buzz Feed News that guests were asked to arrive in advance of the taping, though accounts differ on just how far in advance. Fuck this, fuck that, bitchass motherfucking cuntsucker jerk titslut, etc., etc. The question is, which of these bad-boy words are favored where? Other attorneys who represented Trump Entertainment Resorts’ debtors and creditors did not respond to emails and phone calls to find out if they, too, received threats.Some of the FBI documents pertaining to the call have been tagged with a code indicating that the bureau was withholding information because its investigation into the incident was ongoing.

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Hansen also reported the phone call to the FBI’s Newark field office, and an FBI special agent came to Hansen’s home and interviewed him.