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Life with derek dating game

In most shows where the characters are fifteen a fourteen or thirteen year old will be watching, not a fifteen year old.There are definitely some things on this show that are inappropriate for some people.Disney finally has a show that tweens and teens can actually relate to.Of course I don't think it should be rated "G" (or even on Disney Channel) but its a great show. Kids 10 and under it is not such a good idea because they are using some cusswords not major but, maybe something you don't want them learning. This show is about two families melding together to create one big happy family. This guide may be distributed and copied freely, in its entirety, for personal use. We cannot vouch for the user experience provided by external sites.) Casey can be a bit controlling, but the point is she's trying to overcome that, especially when she has to be stuck in the same Household as Derek!

Whatever, this show is better than anything else on the channel, and is very enjoyable.

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And there is nothing wrong with the whole Derekx Casey relationship because they are teenagers who who aren't related and they didn't even grow up together! It's nothing we haven't seen before (Brady Bunch anyone?

) but this show is pointed more towards tweens, I'd say teens, from ages 11 or even 12 to ages fourteen (some say 15).

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In this case most hear it in the inappropriate sense.

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