Jewish buharian dating

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Jewish buharian dating

Given the circumstances, the chances of the small, isolated Jewish community to maintain its unique features in the hub of China were remote.

According to researchers, another key to the demise of the Kaifeng community lies in the fact that China was the first to allow all its residents to join the top rank of government officials – the Mandarins – by taking qualification exams.

The Chinese authorities, as well as the general population, welcomed their Jewish neighbors, viewed them as citizens in every respect and allowed them to observe their religion with complete freedom.

In spite, or perhaps because of these freedoms, the community dwindled until about 150 years ago, when the assimilation and integration proved complete.

Others theorize that they came to China in the second century following the downfall of the Jews in the Bar Kokhva revolt (132-135CE).

Most of the researchers, as well as the Kaifeng descendents themselves, tend to suggest that the original Jews in China were merchants from Persia that came by way of the Silk Route (in today's southern Turkey) to the city of Xian in central China.

In the prophecy of the redemption in the book of Isaiah it states: "See, they will come from afar – some from the north, some from the west, some from the region of Sinim (Chinese)" (Isaiah, ); but biblical scholars agree that the verse does not speak of China per se.

Some claim that the Jews of Kaifeng are descendents of the Ten Lost Tribes.

After five years of study in the emperor's courtyard, they were sent to various regions in the vast empire.

Ancient Kaifeng had a Jewish community – a small but thriving one, whose story is unique in the history of the Jewish people.

For the 800 years of its existence, Kaifeng's Jews never suffered from persecution or discrimination.

According to the information available, the Jewish community life in Kaifeng came to a virtual halt about 150 years ago.

The community synagogue existed for almost 700 years, until 1854, when Kaifeng was flooded by the Huang He – the Yellow River. Although Kaifeng's Jews had already completely assimilated, their descendants continued to observe several customs, like keeping kosher and keeping Shabbat.

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Historical references and archaeological findings have proven that the Persian Jews first arrive in China in the eighth century; and since the long, arduous journey made family life difficult, the solution was to establish a permanent base in China.

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