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Jehovah dating non jehovah

Not the path I would choose, certainly, but not my choice.

Do you mean the part about her hiding her relationship from her parents when she was a minor?

This persons parents are bigots, that is it, they probably wouldn't have wanted her to date/marry a black guy either. If that was the case, would you attribute their bigotry to their religion as well? As odd as this may sound: My mom became a Jehova's Witness when she got cancer. I come from a long line of non-believers, or athests, if you like. I didn't believe then, as I don't believe now, so I guess they're still waiting.

So, as to 'Why would anyone want to be a Jehova's Witness?

Now, that doesn't mean that's the norm either for that group. I never got a hint from him or his family that they didn't like me because I was "worldly." Nicest, more generous folks you'd ever care to meet. I've heard tales of most every denomination kicking kids out of the house for this sort of things.

Seriously...what I've seen with my own family's experience, it seems to be a hateful religion....

My perspective comes from my now sister-in-law, a former Jehovah's Witness. She eventually came to live with my family because my parents couldn't just leave her on the street.

As well for those with no religion at all - witness Madyln Murray O'Hair's cutting off contact with her son after he became a Christian.

At least the Jehovah's Witnesses are doing it as a matter of principle - I am not aware of any requirement of atheism that they cut themselves off from those that believe in God. Any group large enough to see is going to have a few of those.

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