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How to talk to your parents about dating

This is one of the most difficult and often overlooked steps by parents, yet it is one of the most important parts of leading your Christian teen down the right path.

While neither one of you may feel totally comfortable talking about dating, sex, temptation, or feelings, it is important that your teen understands your perspective.

Here are some tips for talking to your child about dating: -Introduce the idea earlier rather than later. Ask your child about their thoughts about what they want for the family in the future. After you begin conversations with your child about dating and the future, let your child know when you start dating.

Ask your child about the qualities that are important for a person who may become part of the family. Only introduce a potential partner to your child when the relationship is serious.

That’s why so many kids try to keep their parents from dating at all.

Be sure to not just se the rules, but also explain where the ground rules come from.

Also, be willing to discuss some exceptions to the rules, like a later curfew when your teen goes to a school dance.

When they start to grow up, they also start to form attachments to members of the opposite sex.

While most parents would love their children to stay little forever, eventually the issue of dating will come up.

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It takes time for both the parent and child to cope with the feelings associated with these transitions, and there often comes a time when a parent wants to start dating again.

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