Hispanic men and black women dating

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Hispanic men and black women dating

“I will not date a Black girl,” he wrote on his own personal dating site, called “Sleepless in Austin.” “I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry,” Busby continued. However, I will date any other race, Hispanic, Mexican, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, European, White, whatever, anything except Black.” This last inclusion — or, er, exclusion — did more than ruffle a few feathers. Why black women are upset Yet, I understand why so many people were offended.

Busby was denounced as “racist” on several sites for stating his preferred races for dating. It’s not just because this particular man said he doesn’t find black women attractive.

He has since taken the full list down from his personal site, but I was troubled that it seems he wants a trophy wife of any color to show off rather than an actual woman to love, and love him in return.

In response he then participated in an “Ask Me Anything” text chat on Reddit, to try to explain himself. Busby is just part of the overwhelming tirade black women encounter through media that seems to constantly remind them that they are not considered desirable.

Racial negativity gets worse Part of his explanation for refusing to date black women is that, “black people look like apes, monkeys and gorillas.” The following statement, which was copied from the “Sleepless in Austin” site, goes even further into Busby’s negative beliefs about blacks. There are too many black men, for instance, who troll black women’s websites and can’t wait to jump into the conversations to share how awful, overweight and mean they think all black women are.

Usually you don't look at the color of the skin but what's inside someone's heart. All races have certain values instilled in them from birth.

And from what i've seen, puerto rican men, date puerto rican women. male in specfic) brought me to your neighborhood or your family, what would your "boys" think? I am currently dating a Jamaican woman who I really like a lot and met on this board.

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Rarely do i see a black girl with latin men and i'm hesitant to get with a latin male because of that.

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