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Free local sex chatline

Gaz is worried that Donna may be planning to move in after he finds her toothbrush in his flat.

He goes to hospital where he finds Jonny, who has been concussed by an old woman who hit him when he offered to escort her across the road. Louise discovers that she's put on weight for the first time since she was 14 and goes on a diet, but her weight-obsession is cured when she finds stretch-marks around her legs.Gaz feels that he is no longer attractive to women any more and goes on the pull only to be caught by Donna.Jonny is chatted up by two women and tries to get them to go away but they like his hard-to-get attitude and offer to ‘lez up’.Janet forces Jonny out the house so she and Donna can make him a romantic meal but in the pub Gaz and Jonny decide that Donna and Janet are having an affair and go to confront the man they believe is with their girlfriend, whom they have dubbed ‘Pedro’, with socks containing eggs, only to find they were doing it all for Jonny.After falling for a gay man, Louise decides to make the best of the situation and become a fag hag.

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Janet wants to become demure and educated and decides to try to become a student; she is invited to read at a poetry meeting by Cameron, a student friend of Louise.

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