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Most every man I’ve spent significant time with has a deep desire for a real relationship that goes far beyond sex. “As far as I’m concerned, sex isn’t even that far up the totem pole, big-picture-wise, anyway,” he says.“So many other things are more important: friendship, love, loyalty, etc. For Christian, 27, such a rating scale doesn’t get at what he’s really looking for in a woman.That sick and twisted little girl was me, now the most-hated woman in Toronto.One of the biggest reasons why I am good at what I do is my lack of experience.Problem is, if any of them run around claiming to be a gentleman, women end up being even more suspicious of them than usual.

I realize many men are going to get very upset when they read this article, and I am preparing to become the most hated girl in Toronto.

It’s not the first time I’ve written a blog post that is going to upset a lot of people.

Feel free to hate me for leading people on and exploiting the platform for my social experiment. If they don’t take an action now, the profile may be gone forever. You will need to design a very creative campaign that is not “in your face.” It should be more content marketing, and less advertising.

If I don’t do crazy things, this blog wouldn’t exist.

I told people to marry money, lie on a resume, don’t go to college, steal to be successful, and stop helping people.

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When presented with a clear opportunity for a meaningful relationship, I will eagerly put aside my more superficial desires and buckle down for the long haul.