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Dating royal doulton character jugs

Beginning with those originating in the late 19th Century, the Toby and Character Jugs in the American Toby Jug Museum are arranged in collections by makers.A list of those makers by country of origin is provided below.Character jugs continue a long tradition of drinking vessels.

Sir Henry was knighted for his services to the ceramic industry and continuing royal patronage from Queen Victoria and King Edward VII led to the title Royal Doulton in 1901.Collectors often identify these 200 year old jugs by the kind of style (Thin Man, Martha Gunn, Hearty Good Fellow, etc.), finish (creanware, prattware, pearlware) or by the area of England in which they may have been produced (Staffordshire, Leeds, Portobello, Yorkshire).Exceptions to the above are those few jugs which can fairly confidently be attributed to one of the following Staffordshire potters: • John Astbury • John Voyez • Josiah Wedgwood • Thomas Whieldon • Aaron Wood • Ralph Wood I • Ralph Wood II • Enoch Wood All of these styles, finishes, production areas and individual potters are represented in the Antique section of the Museum.Many popular character jugs were made in a variety of sizes, large, small, miniature and tiny, and collectors often specialize in a favorite size for their displays.Toby jugs are also very collectible and they represent the entire human figure in jug form, not just the head.

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The Royal Doulton firm made it a practice to mold the name of the character into the back of each jug too.

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