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But, it's incredibly unfair to allow someone to carry the burden, blame & shame of something they had nothing to do with," he wrote, noting he met Bailon two years ago while working together on "As I previously wrote in a statement I released a while back, My marriage had been over for quite some time before going public with my divorce announcement...I had not even yet met Adrienne during the time my marriage was falling apart," he continued. RELATED: Lindsay Lohan Moves in With 22-Year-Old Boyfriend After Only Three Months of Dating!

She starts dating a “major drug dealer” named Dion in NY.

Remember she is still sleeping with Lil Wayne, every time he came to Atlanta.

She has a younger half sister and Father that live in Gwinnett County Ga in an apartment.

She fought with his baby momma everyday until the BM drove a wedge between her & Dion.

She started working a Scores as a waitress when she met Chris.

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Adrienne Maloof wants to make one thing clear about Sean Stewart: “We are not living together. He has a nice place.” Otherwise, she tells PEOPLE, what you’ve read is true: The 51-year-old, recently single star of is, in fact, enjoying a budding relationship with the 32-year-old son of Rod Stewart.