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Communication online  site dating in tanzania

The course is open to law and other professions graduates with interest in taking on a specialization in Information Technology and Telecommunications law. Candidates selecting this programme undertake a unique opportunity - to study the legal implications surrounding Information Communication Technology on the world's longest established postgraduate masters (LLM) course in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law.

As the international nature of the student body demonstrates, Information Communication Technology law is of wide interest and significant importance.

The modular programme guarantees that all students achieve the requisite benchmark standards but also offers considerable flexibility which allows students to select a curriculum which meets their own needs.

The programme also ensures that knowledge and skills are developed progressively through the course of the degree.

Students pursuing the LLM (ICT) Programme shall have another six months to work on a dissertation project.

After the end each Course students will be given another three weeks to work on an assignment.

There are 3 potential exit points from the masters.

Assuming satisfactory performance, it is possible to change between these so that, for example, a student who initially registers for the certificate may opt to continue studying to the diploma or masters qualification.

Students will be given an assignment, and shall be required to work on it and to submit the given Assignment (in a 6,000 words essay) back for assessment within three weeks after the end of each course.

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