Brooke shields and christopher atkins dating

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He also has been twice nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor, winning in 1983 for his performance in A Night in Heaven.He is ranked #76 on VH1]'s "100 Greatest Teen Stars".Brooke Shields has let slip that she lost her virginity at the age of 22. magazine Health that her biggest 'health regret' was not learning to love the way she looked earlier.

Publications from Parents magazine to the New York Times clucked their disapproval of its adolescent sexuality.

He had no previous interest or experience in acting, but an agent he knew persuaded him to audition for The Blue Lagoon, a role he won over 2,000 other actors.

In the film, co-star Brooke Shields and he played two teenage cousins who have lived alone together since they were marooned as children in a tropical paradise, eventually falling in love.

Even Rona Barrett groused that “it borders on kiddie porn.” What Lagoon’s detractors failed to reckon with is the film’s shrewd mix of teens and titillation.

Unlike the resolutely adult Pretty Baby, which never escaped the art-house circuit, Lagoon has tapped a large and lucrative audience of moist-palmed prepubescents.

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Barely clothed in what appear to be artfully shredded dinner napkins, Brooke and her novice co-star, Christopher Atkins, 19, play two shipwrecked innocents on a South Sea island who discover grown-up delights amid the flora and fauna.

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