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Benefits of consolidating data centers

IT leaders must walk the fine line of continuing to increase compute, network and storage capacity in support of the business wheel and overprovisioning data center space.They must devise a detailed plan and cost-benefit analysis when embarking on a data center consolidation and/or modernization project.Simplifying Data Center Consolidation With a Container Platform A data center migration process will highlight any redundancies in data, allowing for consolidation of data and processes.Removing unnecessary data means more available space on server(s).Considering this during a data center migration creates the perfect opportunity to review the energy consumption and areas where this can be cut down.Staying ahead of the trend of Green IT will also help in the situation of potential mandates in the future with the added benefit of cutting costs for your organization/company.Data has become one of the most important assets of a modern business or organization.These days, most businesses rely on accurate data collection, organization, and analysis to make important decisions.

This initiative works with the key initiatives, which address software-defined anything (SDx) and Web-scale IT.

Despite the initial thought of the cost associated with migrating a data center, this process can ultimately provide cost savings to a company or organization in the long-term. Maintenance of equipment, trained personnel, rent, and utility bills are only some of the costs associated with data centers.

Cutting the electric bill alone can show big savings, data centers consume an average of 100 times the energy of an office building of comparable size.

Enterprises must become more agile while controlling costs to stay competitive.

Data center modernization and consolidation projects offer the opportunity to do both.

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Digital business and the Nexus of Forces (including cloud, mobile, big data and social media) continue to impact business with unprecedented speed, requiring enterprises to become more agile.

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