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Other attractive people on the trip include Jesse's actress fiancee, Cara Santana, models Devon Windsor and Nicole Harrison, DJ Rascal and more.

But photographs of Ouzounian and Affleck, taken July 17, seemed to show them hanging out together even though she was no longer working for them. News that Ouzounian actually tipped off the paparazzi to have them take photographs of her with her former employer.

Ceremonies would often be held on the beach at sunset to take advantage of the picturesque setting, but avoid the mid-day sweltering hot sun.

A Junkanoo Rush-Out, in which musicians would parade through the ceremony wearing costumes with masks and instruments, was a unique way to liven up the solemn vows and celebrate the happy couple.

Affleck supposedly became "very upset" upon discovering the photographers. News previously reported, the reports of an alleged affair are categorically "not true," according to a rep for Affleck.

"It's tabloid journalism hiding behind blind sources," the rep added.

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But now a friend close to Ouzounian, as well as other sources, tell E!