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We attribute this success to the patience and efforts of the Paul Sadler Swimland Taylors Lakes staff.Thankyou, I just want to put into words how grateful we are for the staff at Paul Sadler Swimland.It was hard for us as a family because we wanted him to enjoy swimming as much as we did, but no amount of encouraging or bribing could get him in the water.We believe that swimming is a survival skill and something everyone should be able to do, so when he turned seven years old we told him that he had no choice.

A special mention to Kristy for her firm yet fun approach with Bailey which is exactly the push he needed to gain confidence around the water.

Read More Since coming to Paul Sadler Swimland, the kids have come ahead in leaps and bounds and I would strongly recommend others attend this great swim school!

Although my kids are only three and four years old, they are already showing great potential and I have no doubt they will be strong, confident swimmers in the future.

As we rushed to his aid, much to our surprise, Bailey had happily surfaced after a couple of seconds and was doggy paddling his way back to the ledge.

If it wasn’t for the confidence and knowledge he had gained from his weekly lessons it could have been a much greater incident.

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